10 Ways to Enjoy the Outdoors in the Winter

Posted On: Dec 02, 2015   |   By: Gregg Alexander
Just Get Outdoors

When I hear people say that they hate the Winter or that there is nothting to do when it snows, I honestly feel sorry for them. I love all the seasons. Each season offers different activities to get excited about, but I especially love the Winter. To help you avoid cabin fever this Winter and get out and have some fun, we have provided you a list of things that you can do to stay active int he outdoors.


If you like to hike then snowshoeing is a great Winter alternative to get out on your favorite hiking trails and see everything blanked in fluffy white snow. Pack a thermus of hot chocolate to warm you up when you get done. 


You don't have to be Bode Miller or Lindsay Vonn to have a good time on a pair of skis. Head to your local ski area for a day of fun. Most ski areas will offer rentals so you don't have to purchase your own setup. 


If you don't like facing forward heading down a hill then ditch the two planks for a snowboard and shred some gnar. If you haven't skate boarded or wakeboard before snowboarding can be a little difficult to get comfortable at first, but once you get the hang of it you can progress pretty quickly. 

XC Skiing

If the idea of barrelling down a hill at rapid speeds scares you or you don't have a ski area close by, then maybe cross country skiing is more your style. It's a great compliment to trail running and you can control your own pace depending on how strenuous you want to make it. Golf courses are a great place to strap on the skis and explore. 

Ice Climbing

The Winter version of rock climbing, ice climbing is one of the fastest growing Winter sports. It does require access to frozen waterfalls so if you are a flat-lander it may be difficult to find locations to ice climb, but if you do have the opportunity to get out, it is a great workout and a bit of a surreal experience. I highly recommend giving it a try. 


Nothing gives you the access to Winter travel as snowmobiling. Growing up in Michigan we had an extensive network of trails that could get you almost anywhere in the state. Whether you prefer trail riding or backcountry there are a lot of opportunities to get out and enjoy the snow. 

Ice Fishing

If angling is your thing then get out on the ice this Winter and drop a line. Grab a few buddies and a couple of beers and hang out while waiting for a bite. 

Pond Hockey

Sharpen up those skates and grab your stick and puck. You might even be able to join in on some pickup games around your town if hockey is a popular sport. In states like Minnesota, North Dakota, Michigan, Massachusetts, or Maine finding a few people to pass the puck around with shouldn't be an issue. 

Ice Skating

Let out your inner Kristi Yamaguchi and bust out your triple axel, or just work up a sweat skating around. When ponds and lakes freeze over it's a great time to get out on the ice. Take the family out for a few laps and enjoy the snow.  


If you think sledding is just for kids then think again. Sledding is ag reat excuse to glide down a hill and act like a kid again. For inspiration watch Clark Griswold's extreme sledding on National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. 

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