5 Destinations for the Ultimate Fishing Trips

Posted On: May 05, 2016   |   By: Gregg Alexander
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For some, ultimate fishing trips can be as good as going to your favorite honey spot, taking the kids out to the local lake or catching your limit with a bunch of buddies.

But if price and time were no object, and you wanted to plan for the ultimate fishing trip of your life, pick one of these five for a catch that won't leave you telling tall fish tales.

Alaskan Star Fishing Rentals -- If heading out to fish in the last frontier doesn't get your rod jumping, then nothing will.Alaskan Star Fishing lets you decide where and when you want to fish. Freshwater lakes, oceans, rivers, you can fish it all. Rent a raft,a boat or even a vehicle and go for salmon, halibut, trout or other game fish.

Gulf to Bay Charters -- Deep sea fishing at its best! Fishing near Tampa Bay, in the warmth and sun for snapper, cobia, snook and redfish, among others, will make this trip full of memories.

Rocky Mountain Anglers -- For world class fly fishing, nothing beats Colorado. Ice cold streams that pour directly from the majestic Rocky Mountains create a picturesque setting that is second to none. Set up a professional guide or go on your own, but either way, fly fishing will never be the same after a trip like this.

Upstate Outfitters -- Located in the state of New York, you'll be fishing on Lake Ontario, in a freshwater salmon and steelhead hotspot . You can also go for bass, walleye and other gamefish. If you are on the East Coast and don't want to travel across the country for some ultimate fishing, this is as good as it gets.

Fisherman's Village -- If you are planning the ultimate fishing vacation, Fisherman's Village will cater to all freshwater fishing tastes. Bass, panfish, northern pike and even sturgeon can be landed there. Located in Minnesota, the land of a thousand lakes, you can even rent a lodge equipped with WiFi, so your kids will never be out of touch. Family-friendly, fun, and terrific fishing, all in one.

Plan your ultimate getaway with one of these fishing trips, for you, your buddies or your family. No matter which one you choose, an adventure awaits!

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