5 Salt Water Fishing Tips That Only The Experts Know

Posted On: Jun 10, 2016   |   By: Gregg Alexander
On The Water

Hey, we all want to have the best salt water fishing experience possible, and to that end, there are  artificial baits, reels and rods out there that will make sure that every fish caught has a good chance of making it inside of the boat.

However, you might think you know it all when it comes to fishing, and no one is going to argue that point. But if you really want to have the best chance of a successful and potential trophy fishing expedition, here are some fishing tips that only the experts know.

Get a Guide

Do you know what guides do when they want to go out fishing for themselves? They get a guide! That may sound funny, a guide contracting a guide to go fishing, but when you sit and think about it, it's actually a stroke of genius.

Guides make their money by taking other people to honey spots out on the water. So regardless of anything else, by using another guide, they know that they are going to catch fish. Plus, by using a guide, they have just found another hot spot to take their customers too!

Of course, this same principle works for you and it is one of the best fishing tips out there. If this is a vacation, getting a guide vastly increases your chance of having the time of your life. If you live in the area and can get out in a boat, you now have just learned about a great place to catch fish that you can return to again and again.

Know When to Fish

Everyone knows that dawn and dusk are the best times to fish, but the best of the best times are when the tides are coming in. This is especially true coastal fishing from a boat, off a pier or shore fishing. The tides bring in crustaceans, baitfish and other prey that larger fish hone in on. If you are looking for saltwater action, wait for the tides to start coming in.


Many sport fish, like tarpon and tuna, are called pelagic fish. These fish seek warmer coastal waters migrating southwards when the water gets too cold, and northwards when the water gets too warm. If you know the migration patterns of the fish you want to target, you'll greatly increase your chances of catching them by following their migration patterns.

Umbrella Rigs

If you love going for stripers, or virtually any other sport fish that hunts down schooling fish, then you have got to try an umbrella rig. This is one of the newest fishing tips on tackle that you'll find.

In your hand, it looks like the tines of an umbrella without the rain-proof material between them. However, when cast or trolled, it opens up sideways looking  exactly like a small school of fish. 

Initially invented for freshwater bass fishing, they soon became outlawed because they were too good at catching fish. However, their most amazing claim to fame is as a saltwater lure. They mimic baitfish so well, that when using one of these while targeting school feeding predator fish, you won't go home skunked.

Go Where Others Don't

When someone tells you that you should try a large reef or a sunken ship ... forget it. These are obvious fish magnets that attract sharks and barracudas, which will be there long before you. Concentrate on lower profile areas like rock bottoms and grass beds. You'll be surprised how good the fishing can be in these places, particularly in the middle of the summer when nothing else is going on. 

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