Epic Hunting Stories To Start Off The Summer

Posted On: May 19, 2016   |   By: Gregg Alexander
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As we get into the Summer months, and as you dream of big racks, full game bags and hunting adventures like no other, here are a few epic hunting stories to get your adrenalin running.

The 240 Pound Giant Mulie Buck

In 2014, 16 year old Kolton Probert, drew the prized Utah Sportsman Tag for deer, which enabled him, his father, uncles and cousins, to set up the hunt of a lifetime for this youngster.

This group scouted the Henry mountains from June until September, finally decided on a mule deer with the biggest rack they had ever seen.

Tracking began for a mulie they called "Walt," and on the first day of the actual hunt, Kolton was able to get one shot off at about 300 yards. Walt went down, but got up and took off. After two days following the blood trail, Kolton was able to shoot again, this time bringing the mulie down for good. 

Kolton could have given up when the blood trail ran out, but he didn't. Patience, tenacity and determination paid off for the hunt of a lifetime and one of the best hunting stories ever..

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No Bag Limit, No Problem

The Guys at Team Outdoor Endeavors, got up early on a Sunday morning for some pheasant hunting. Of course, every hunter goes into a pheasant hunt thinking "bag limit," bit it doesn't always work out that way.

They were on public hunting grounds by 9am, but the dogs weren't flushing anything. By noon, the entire field had been covered, and except for two hens flushing early, nothing was happening.

They decided to go road hunting, traveling farther down the road, searching all of the ditches next to the roads, and still coming up empty.

By 5pm they were all beat, and as they came up to the last ditch, they decided this would be it before heading back. Sure enough, within minutes, the dogs began to scare up birds, first one, then another, 4 in total within 20 minutes or so. Certainly, no bag limit, but a successful hunt nevertheless.

Sometimes hunting isn't always about filling your bag. Sometimes its just about being outdoors, with the dogs and friends, and those times make for some of the best hunting stories ever.

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The "Alberta Grizzly"

Making the rounds out there is the story of the "Alberta Grizzly." This giant 9 foot 11-inch bear made headlines in all of the hunting journals, and was said to have come from Alberta, Canada. But guides Luke and Josh Randall set up the hunt for hunter Jesse Wallace, on Afognak Island, Alaska.

Now imagine, if you will, seeing a bear on a beach over a mile away, and not needing binoculars. That's how huge this bear was! They got off of their boat at another beach and slowly made their way to the beach where the bear was.

By this time the bear had gone back into the woods, but his tracks were so enormous that he was easy to follow. They stalked the bear through dense brush, so thick that they could only see a few feet ahead.

The bear appeared in a clearing about 20 yards to their left, Jesse fired and Luke fired at about the same time. Two more following shots, and the bear was down for good.

A bear like this only comes around once, no matter where it is from. Take the shot when you can, and celebrate afterwards.

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