How To Become A Hunting Guide

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If you are an outdoors person and love to hunt, one of your  dream jobs might be as a hunting guide. You'll be setting your own hours, being outdoors most of the year, and potentially being involved with trophy hunts each and every time you go out.

But, what does it actually take when asking the question of how to become a hunting guide? Here is a bit of insight and information on realizing your dream come true.

Are You A People Person

The most important thing about a hunting guide is being a people person. You have to like people, have to get along with people, you have to be able to start up conversations with people, and you always need to keep a cool, calm and friendly demeanor. If you question any one of these characteristics, being a hunting guide is not for you.

Getting Certified

Every hunting guide needs to be certified by their state. Your local state wildlife agency will have all of the particulars on requirements and certification. If you don't get this far, you can't be a guide. Plan on spending a couple of hundred bucks just to be certified, providing you pass all of the requirements. You may also be required to take your state hunter training/safety course to learn how to act with firearms out in the woods.  

Guide School

Yes, there are schools for hunting guides, and these are essentially training grounds to hone your skills and learn how to interact with customers.

Plan on spending weeks out in the field learning guide techniques and their application. Guide schools are not inexpensive, you'll be spending a few thousand dollars for this training, and that's just for the basic guide school. If you want to branch off for such things as guiding for bear, wild fowl or getting wilderness and survival techniques, you may double or triple your cost.

Guide schools will show you the ropes, but you aren't going to make it if you are not in reasonable physical condition. There is going to be a lot of hiking and field work, and you will be on the go a lot. Make sure you are physically fit enough to move out and about in the field, because if you aren't, it's going to be a very unpleasant experience, and may prove that you are not fit enough to be a guide.

Sign On as an Outfitter

The best and most practical way to accomplishing your goal is to sign on as a hunting guide with another organization. Nothing gets you more prepared to be a hunting guide than actually working with others in the business to learn it upside down and inside out.

As an outfitter, you'll learn the tricks of the trade from the ground up, real person, real time, real deal. Learning how to do it from experienced professionals will give you the insight on exactly what is expected of you every time you guide someone on a hunt.

How to Become A Hunting Guide

A hunting guide is one of the most unique professions in all of sport. You'll have the potential to make good pay for your services, you'll meet some interesting people and you'll be experiencing the outdoor life like few can possibly imagine.

Knowing how to become a hunting guide opens up the world to your services, but just remember, you'll have to put in the time to make the dime, and you'll have to spend a few dimes in the process to et there. But then again, that's what being a hunting guide is all about.

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