Spanish Goats In Hawaii - Part 2

Posted On: Aug 20, 2015   |   By: Jeff Leahy
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Once we gained position behind the goats, we moved to a vantage point where the herd was in plain sight. I knew it was my time to shine. I placed my bipod down and got into position to take a shot, trying to control my breathing. Finger on the trigger, Nolan at my ear, chanting, “There’s a big one don’t miss, we came all this way, don’t miss!” There they go! Something must have spooked them because they started running down the draw. “No!”, I screamed inside, “All this way for nothing”. Through my scope, I could see them scampering away but I was able to follow them down the first draw and then back up the next one, and just like that, a big Billie stopped to check out what had disrupted his lunch. WHACK! Down he went. No hesitation, that Billy was mine. My heart was in my ears, all I could hear was ringing. My whole body was shaking - I couldn’t keep calm. It was such a relief to see that Billie drop to the ground and know the pressure was off. SUCCESS!!! I turned and looked at Nolan and our guide, both of their jaws were dropped. “What a clean shot, I can’t believe you didn’t freeze up”, the guide said with pride “I had you pegged all wrong, you’re awesome!”

That feeling will never go away, not the kill shot so much but having the opportunity to show someone that lady hunters are just as good as men. To this day my guide and I are still good friends and I'm happy to be a part of the hunting and fishing world. The shared bond between us outdoorsmen and women is something very unique to our beloved hobby. Getting to vacation in Hawaii was awesome, but getting to witness the local terrain was the best part of the trip. The saving up, working out and the long hours of travel were all worth it. In my opinion, lady hunters are often put under a microscope and judged based on their appearance rather than skill. I believe this pressure makes us work and train harder to prove a point. In the words of Miranda Lambert, “We’re just like you, only prettier.”

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