The Benefits of Creating Your Own Hunting or Fishing Trip

Posted On: Jul 20, 2016   |   By: Gregg Alexander
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There is a lot to be said for enlisting a travel agency or an outdoor consultant to book a hunting or fishing trip. It's really a no muss and no fuss way to schedule a time to get out in the wild, and literally all you have to do is either pack the SUV up or get on a plane and go.

There is also a lot to be said about planning and creating a hunting or fishing trip on your own as well. So let's get into some of the benefits of doing it yourself.


Creating a trip like this is going to take some research. You'll have to get on the Internet, send out some emails, make a few calls and determine what is right for you.

But research can not only be fun, because you'll be coming into contact with a lot of people, reading references and understanding the business, but it will also get you in tune with everything that's out there. You'll learn first hand what it takes to organize a trip like this, and when you do this in the future, you'll already have that knowledge stored away.

Tailor Made

Creating your own hunting or fishing trip means you can tailor it to your own schedule, your wants and your needs. You don't have to be tethered to what a consultant wants you to do, you will always have the option to pick and choose what you want to do.

There are many private land hunting and fishing opportunities that can be accessible during the times of year when most people wouldn't think of going. Finding them may be the difference between a successful trip or one that lands a trophy.

Discounts and Vouchers

By creating your own hunting or fishing trip, you'll be in the position to wheel and deal. There will be times, all year round, when trips will be heavily discounted, and you can take advantage of this by doing it yourself. This is especially true if you can get on cancelation lists, and if you can make the trip with only a short amount of notice, it could be the deal of a lifetime.

A Good Feeling

Getting a trip booked by someone else means you are trusting their judgment as to what you might like. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but here is something better. Talking to the people and the places you are interested in and getting a feel for them yourself.

No matter what type of trip you book, you'll have to interact with people along the way. Whether you just want to hunt on a private land or you want to book a guide, that's up to you. But one of the major benefits of creating this trip is being able to interact with the people that you might be meeting.

If you contact someone, by email or over the phone, and you just don't have a good feeling while being in contact, the chances are that the trip won't be too good either. In that instance, you may want to look around for something else, no matter how good the price is or how much the area appeals to you.

Saving Money

Regardless of anything else, creating your own trip is going to save you some money. There are no consultant or agency fees, getting out by yourself means that there are no guide fees, and if you plan on camping in the area, you'll have no lodging fees. You can potentially book a trip of a lifetime and do it on a budget because you were willing to get all of the particulars done ahead of time without a middle man.

Creating Your Own Trip

Is it going to be a bit more work than just calling an agency up and having them take care of everything? Absolutely! And if you don't have the extra time and price is no object, then that may be the best solution.

But if you are willing to create your own trip, put in your own time and get a feeling about what it's like, you'll be into some major self satisfaction right there.

When you are out in the woods, on a lake or standing in a stream, you'll know that you created this paradise all by yourself, and that may be the most important reason of them all to create your own hunting or fishing trip.

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