What November’s Elections Might Mean For Gun Owners

Posted On: Aug 03, 2016   |   By: Web Admin
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With the November elections coming up, we have the Democratic nominee, Hilary Clinton, about to face off with the Republican nominee, Donald Trump.

No matter which one you like, or don't like, here are where they both stand on guns and gun control, and what it might mean for gun owners after the election.

Hillary Clinton

A direct quote from Clinton says that, "I believe that weapons of war have no place on our streets." Although it does not specifically say this, that statement effectively means that she is not in favor of the sale of "assualt-type" rifles to consumers.

She also states that, "If you are too dangerous to get on a plane, than you are too dangerous to buy a gun in America." Although she is specifically referring to people on the F.B.I. list of terrorists, a blanket statement like that could be used to limit other people from purchasing firearms.

She wants to:

Take On the Gun Lobby -- She wants to remove legal protection for irresponsible gun actions and revoke the licenses from dealers who are breaking the law.
Expand Background Checks -- making it impossible for internet firearm sales and closing gun-show loopholes that sell questionable firearms.
Domestic Abusers, Violent Criminals and the Mentally Ill -- She wants to prevent these people from owning or having access to guns. 

Although Hilary Clinton is attempting to do the right thing, the truth of the matter is that the only real progress here would be to increase background checks. Others have tried to take on the gun lobby and they have lost, and who makes the decision about domestic abusers, violent criminals and the mentally ill? It appears as though she wants to cut loopholes, but with her policies, many loopholes would still be in place.

Donald Trump

A direct quote from trump states that, "The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed upon. Period. This is about self defense, plain and simple."

That quote sums up Trump and his take on gun ownership by law abiding citizens.

Trump's positions are as follows:

Domestic Abusers, Violent Criminals -- Like Clinton, he also wants to prevent these people from owning or having access to guns. He cites a program in Richmond, Virginia called Project Exile, which had incarcerated any violent felon using a gun for 5 years. That law decreased murders by over 60%.
Mentally Ill -- Trump believes that the mental health system is the problem, and not guns. He wants to fix the institution which would automatically keep firearms out of mentally ill peoples hands.
Gun and Magazine Bans -- Trump does not believe that any gun, assault guns or otherwise, or their magazines should be banned. As the old adage states, "The gun doesn't do the killing, the person pulling the trigger does."

Trump also believes that the background checks we have in place are more than adequate for the job. He also wants to expand conceal and carry laws and he made a statement that if more people had concealed guns during the Oregon Umpqua Community College massacre, the results would have not happened or would have been lessened.

What To Expect from Clinton

With a Clinton Presidency, she will lobby for greater gun control across the board. From banning assault weapons to greater background checks, while trying to get rid of any loopholes which may cause the sales of these weapons to continue on in any case.

What to Expect From Trump

In a Trump Presidency, he will attempt to expand the conceal and carry laws, he won't enact a ban on assault weapons, and he won't change background checks. 

What Will Occur

No matter who is elected President, be it Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, the laws as they are stated now will be difficult to change. Any law must go through the house and the senate for ratification, before a President can sign off on it or veto it. In the past, that has proven to be virtually impossible when gun laws were attempted to be changed.

In fact, the public may have the greatest say on this situation, above and beyond the politicians. If mass attacks on the population continue with assault rifles and automatic weapons, the public will call for greater gun control. From there and regardless of who the president might be, if a gun control bill is introduced and passes the house and senate, it can also pass by the President with a two-thirds majority in both Chambers of Commerce.

In essence, in that case the people will have the final say and not the President, exactly as a democracy was set up to accomplish.

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